Tokma tea maker Royal series model TK-TM3310

“TK-TM3310” Tokma Royal Series tea maker is an efficient and well-made product. This tea maker has a heating power of 2400 watts with a 150 watts keeping warm feature. 1.8 liter kettle with plastic handle and 1 liter glass teapot. It also has a 360-degree rotating wireless base, hidden rustproof insulation and a safety system to prevent dehydration.

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Heating power 2400 watts, keeping warm 150 watts

It can be used as a tea maker as well as a water heater

Kettle with safety lock

1.8 liter kettle with plastic handle

1 liter glass teapot

Double safety system against overheating

Stainless steel hidden insulation

360 degree rotating base

Safety system to prevent the tea maker from turning on without water

Voltage 220-240V


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