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Buying a fan – Tips for buying a variety of fans at a reasonable price

In these hot days, it is necessary to have air conditioners and fans for homes and offices. If you don’t have access to water or enough money to provide a cooler, a fan is the best option for you. Fans are available in the market in wall, ceiling and pedestal types, each of which has its own characteristics.

Types of fans

There are different types of fans that we will introduce below and give a brief explanation about them.

wall fan

The construction of a wall fan is similar to a table fan, except that instead of being placed on a table or floor, it is mounted on the wall and has the advantage of being out of reach of children and less likely to be touched. This fan is equipped with a remote control device.


The motor of these types of fans is also a single-phase capacitor type. A chandelier may be installed under this fan. Most of the ceiling fans in the market are three-blade type, but there are also fans with more blades. These fans have two main coils and a (auxiliary) starter. To control the speed, a multi-head inductor winding connected in series with a single-phase capacitor motor is used. This winding is removed from the circuit at the highest speed and the motor will work with rated voltage, but at lower speeds, a part of this winding is placed in the circuit. The control of this fan is usually done through a rotary switch that is installed on the wall.

Tips for buying a fan

Always try to keep the following points in mind when buying a fan and always buy this device according to your budget.

·       Aeration capacity

Ventilation capacity means the amount of air that this product can move. The higher the number of this ventilation capacity, the more air is moved in the environment. Therefore, the fan you choose should have a high power. Usually, the ventilation capacity is engraved on the fans and you should pay attention to it before buying.

· Noise

When a noisy fan is around you, you certainly cannot enjoy its coolness. The high noise of the fan takes away your peace and does not even allow you to have a good night’s sleep. The best thing to do is to turn the fan on and hear how much noise it makes before you buy it.

·       Safety

You should be careful to buy a fan whose base is strong and stable and does not fall easily. Also, children cannot reach its blades and hurt themselves. If you have children at home, it is better to buy fans that are not dangerous, such as bladeless fans.

·       Easy cleaning

When buying a fan, it is not bad to think about cleaning it. You certainly don’t want your fan to blow dusty air around. So buy a fan whose parts are easy to open and clean.

· Size

Before buying a fan, you should pay attention to the environment that is going to be cooled, so that you know what kind of fan you should buy and with what capacity. The size of the room is also effective in choosing the size of the fan. Choose the size of the fan according to the desired space.

·       Rotation mode

Most fans can be set to spin. For this purpose, the fan head moves slowly from one side to the other and moves the air in the room better. This mode of fans is great for larger rooms where there are more people and everyone is using fan cooling.

·       Adjustability

Most of these devices are adjustable. For example, their height can be shortened and lengthened, their heads can be turned around, or the speed of the blades can be changed. When buying, pay attention to all the features that fans have and choose the best type according to your budget.

· Remote control

Most fans now have remote controls, even ceiling types. This feature makes the use of the fan very convenient, but you should note that it also increases the price of the fan a little.

Fan size and weight

The size of the fan can be considered one of the most important factors affecting the performance of the fan. Fans are made in different dimensions and sizes. The smaller the fan, the less it will cool the environment. Generally, fans are made in sizes between 6 and 18 inches (15 and 45 cm).

When buying a fan, you should choose its size based on the dimensions of the room. For large rooms, you can either use large fans or place several small fans in different parts of the room. If you intend to buy a table fan, be sure to pay attention to the dimensions of the table on which the fan will be placed.

Another important and effective factor in fan performance is its weight. A fan is usually a device that, in addition to cooling the environment, has other uses, such as removing smoke from the environment, drying wet items or paintings, creating a flow of fresh air in the room, etc. For this reason, sometimes, it is necessary to move the fan. The ease of moving the fan depends on its weight.

As a result, you must consider the weight of the fan when buying. The lighter the fan, the easier it will be to move it, and as a result, it will be a more suitable option to buy.
How to adjust the fan speed

Many people prefer the cool and gentle air of the fan to water and gas coolers. In some areas, the temperature difference between day and night is very high; Consequently, having a gentle flow of cool air during the night will be sufficient. Instead, the intense heat of the day can be relieved by a faster flow of cool air. This is why adjusting the fan speed becomes important.

Today, most fans on the market have adjustable speeds. Some advanced fans are also equipped with sleep mode. In sleep mode, the fan works with very low noise and produces a gentle cool air flow. The fan sleep mode is very effective especially at night.

Advanced fans have different options for adjusting the speed. The more options there are, the better the user can get the air flow he wants, and as a result, he will be more satisfied with his purchase.

In addition to the ability to adjust the speed, its oscillating or rotating movement is also very important. Oscillating movement means the movement of the fan to the sides. Most fans have the ability to move up, down, left and right. More rotary motion is considered for larger fans. In addition, the use of such fans in places with toxic gases is not recommended at all.

Some advanced fans are equipped with sinusoidal rotary motion. This means that Peke has the ability to change the wind speed from low to high or high to low

Effective ways to maintain the fan

A fan can be considered one of the simplest home appliances. However, to increase its lifespan, a series of points should be considered. Proper maintenance of the fan can have a great impact on its long-term use. In general, pay attention to these few ways to maintain the fan, regardless of its model and size:

Under no circumstances should the back of the fan (fan motor) come into contact with water. Therefore, avoid washing the fan.
Sometimes, your fan needs service or repair. Never do it yourself. Despite the simplicity of the fan structure, its service and repair requires an expert repairman.
You can use cold water and dishwashing liquid to clean the fan blades.
If the fan blades are made of metal, putting pressure on them will cause them to break or bend.
If you are going to open the fence or the fan basket, be very careful not to break or damage the lock or you will have to replace the whole fan basket.

It should be noted that you should not use the fan more than its capacity. This is a point that should be considered when buying a fan.

fan price

The fan is produced and supplied in a wide range of prices. Many factors affect the price of a fan, including brand name, size, weight, rotation capability, speed adjustment capability, remote control, sinusoidal speed capability, fan material, etc. It is obvious that the higher the fan is bought, the more resistant it will be and it will also be equipped with a series of new technologies.

As mentioned in the previous sections, some fans have a sinusoidal rotating motion. This means that the fan can make the speed of the wind throw sinusoidally, which is a unique feature. The price of fans with sinusoidal rotation and speed is higher than the normal fans.

According to what has been said, it is better to determine the dimensions of the room and the type of performance you expect from the fan before buying it and then make your choice accordingly.

Factors affecting fan sound

The sound of the fan is another thing that should be taken into consideration when buying. Loud fan noise can be annoying, especially at night or when talking. Fans usually run quieter at low speeds. The unit of fan sound measurement is decibel, which unfortunately is not included on most fans.

Many factors affect the sound of the fan, including the speed and intensity of the wind flow, the type of material used in making the fan blades. The more solid materials are used in making the fan, the fan works with less noise and causes less disturbance. This is why standing fans perform better in terms of sound compared to fans of the same size.

Before buying, it is better to turn on the fan and make sure that its sound is optimal, because the loud sound of the fan does not allow you to enjoy the cool wind.