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Water heater and its different types with the possibility of choosing and buying quickly and easily
When Edwin Rudd invented the water heater, he helped people a lot. A water heater is a device that is usually used to heat water. In domestic use, heated water is often used for washing dishes and clothes, bathing, cooking and heating the home environment
is used In industrial uses, water heaters that can produce super hot steam are often used. There are different types of water heaters that we will explain below.
Types of water heaters
This water heater directly heats water and works with gas fuel. These types of water heaters are either capsule or work with city gas.
The second type of direct water heaters that work with electricity instead of fuel. These water heaters have the least environmental pollution, but they are not very economical and increase your electricity bill to a great extent.
Two shells
These water heaters are vacuumed and indirect, and their outer wall is insulated, which prevents heat loss.
Coil water heaters are of indirect type and are equipped with a pump. In these devices, as soon as the water reaches the desired temperature, the pump is turned off, but their candle is always on.
a tank
As can be seen from the name of these water heaters, they have a source for storing water, which usually has a capacity of between 20 and 80 gallons. These water heaters are one of the most common types of water heaters that are produced in two categories, gas and electric. In water heaters, cold water enters the tank
and then heated through electricity or gas. Tank water heaters are the cheapest type of water heater on the market, which also have a very good lifespan. These water heaters also have disadvantages, the most important of which is the cooling of the water stored in the tank. To solve this problem,
Adjust the temperature.
No tank
These types of water heaters, which are also called wall water heaters, do not occupy much space. These water heaters do not have a tank and heat water instantly. In these water heaters, the cold water is heated as soon as the device is turned on and through the piping
It reaches the place of consumption. Wall water heaters are made in various dimensions and sizes and are currently used in many houses and apartments.
These modern water heaters use ambient heat to heat water. In fact, in these devices, the ambient heat heats the water inside the tank and the energy loss in them is very low. These water heaters are bulky and for hot areas where their annual temperature
Between 40 and 90 degrees is suitable.
Solar water heaters
Solar water heaters, as their name suggests, use the sun’s energy to heat water. These water heaters are installed on the roof and have a flat plate that provides the necessary heat to heat water by absorbing sunlight. on these pages
Pipes are installed in which cold water enters and is transferred to the tank after heating. This type of water heater is ideal in terms of energy efficiency and is very affordable.
Tips for buying a water heater
Water heater suitable for the space of the house: You should buy a water heater that is suitable for the space of your house. It is not right to use a very large water heater in a small kitchen. You should choose a water heater that provides the hot water needed by your home by occupying less space

Low consumption: If you are planning to buy a water heater and pay attention to the bill price, we suggest you to buy a low consumption device.

• Quality: All water heaters have a registered national standard mark, which indicates the durability and quality of the device. to have
An energy label is required on all wall mounted water heaters. In addition, the approval of domestic and foreign reputable organizations such as the European quality standard shows the high quality of the device.

• After-sales service: At the time of purchase, you must have after-sales service and warranty period
Note the device. You should buy a water heater that you can easily communicate with the manufacturer, because all household appliances need repair and service after a while. .