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“مشتریان گرامی: قیمت های محصولات بدون مالیات بوده است و در هنگام پرداخت 9 درصد مالیات به مبلغ فاکتور اضافه می شود”

Tokma brand tea and coffee makers
Tokma Royal and Diamond series tea makers are efficient and well-made products of this brand. These tea makers have a heating power of 2400 watts with the ability to keep warm and a safety system to prevent dehydration. The Rubal series is a 1.8-liter kettle with a plastic handle and a 1-liter glass teapot, and the Diamond series is a 2.25-liter kettle and a 1.00-liter steel teapot. It also has a 360-degree rotating wireless base, hidden rustproof insulation and a safety system to prevent dehydration.

Other features:

Low energy consumption when brewing tea
360 degree rotating wireless stand
Hidden stainless insulation
Dehydration prevention system