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Getting to know the types of electric heaters – simple and quick purchase at the best price

When the great American inventor George Westinghouse invented the electric heater in the 19th century, he created a revolution in heating tools. Many people, when they did not have access to gas to light gas heaters and firewood to light the fireplace, tried to get an electric heater. Today, this heating device has become very popular and is used in various industries. Stay with us in the rest of this article to get more information about this.

Types of electric heaters
Electric fan heater

This type of electric heater also has an element like radiant electric heaters, with the difference that instead of the heat being transferred to the environment by the surface of the heater, it is transferred to the environment by the fan. The efficiency of these heaters is relatively higher than radiant electric heaters. An electric heater with a fan usually has a thermostat setting and a shut-off sensor in case the space gets too hot, and in this sense, it is also more secure.

Electric oil heater

This type of heater works with micothermic heating technology. In fact, radiant and convection heating is produced using heat transfer oil inside the heater. This oil enters all the heater blades and spreads the heat to the whole room.

Radiant electric heater

As can be seen from the name of these heaters, heat radiation is one of the distinguishing features of this heater with other electric heaters. Several elements are used in radiant electric heater and usually a reflective surface (usually reinforced aluminum) is placed in the back part of the elements. Some of these heaters have 2 to 3 elements and have a power between 500 and 3000 watts. In these heaters, you can determine the heating level of the heater by choosing the number of elements you want to turn on.

In radiant electric heater, the resulting radiation can pass through the space until it hits an object. This feature directly heats people or objects instead of heating the air. This method is suitable for places where air flows. These heaters are silent.

Electric convector heater

Like the previous two examples, this heater uses an element to generate heat. In this type of heaters, it is also possible to use a fan. These heaters have larger dimensions than the previous two types. Electric convector heaters are completely silent, similar to radiant electric heaters, but if we use its fan, the sound of the fan can be heard, like electric heaters with fans.

Basement electric heater

These heaters are suitable for old buildings that do not have heating and air conditioning piping systems. It can also be used as a supplement to the heating system of new houses. These heaters heat the air in the room from floor to ceiling. At the same time, they are easily installed and produce good heat. Also, due to the surface of the hot water pipes, they have a better heat exchange with the environment. In this system, pipes play the role of radiators, and by using these types of heaters, you can save up to 50% of the building’s plumbing system.

Tips for buying an electric heater
Electric heater size: Before buying an electric heater, you should consider the size you need according to the dimensions of the environment you want to heat. If you buy a big heater for a small space, you will waste a lot of energy and have to pay unnecessary additional costs. Unlike installing a small heater in a large room, it will not give you much heat.
Thermostat: Having a thermostat in an electric heater allows you to easily adjust the temperature.
Sensor and sensor: Having these two parts in an electric heater will not waste a lot of energy and will turn off the heater in case of excessive heat.
Timer: The timer plays a colorful role in the electric heater, for example, it helps you when you want to sleep; So you set the time to, for example, 30 minutes, and after you fall asleep, the heater will turn off.
Quality: Always get information from the seller about the quality of manufacturing parts and buying spare parts in case of failure. Also, keep in mind that your heater has an international quality standard so that you can use it with peace of mind.
Electric heater price

One of the most important things to consider when buying is the price of electric heaters according to their features and quality. Many factors affect the price of an electric heater, including heater wattage, temperature adjustment, after-sales service and warranty, standard mark, etc. The prices of electric heaters are different depending on Iranian or foreign brands.

In general, the price range for electric heaters of Iranian brands is between 600 and 2 million 200 thousand tomans, while to buy a foreign electric heater, you have to spend between 900 and 3 million tomans. Of course, these amounts are only for household electric heaters, and the prices of large and industrial electric heaters are completely different.

Pars Khazar, Arshiya, Absal, Arasteh and Tek Electric are among the most important Iranian brands of electric heaters. Media, Flare, Sancor and Kahler are among the most important foreign brands that have a very different price range than domestic electric heaters.

Advantages of electric heaters

One of the most important advantages of an electric heater is its ease of installation and use. In other words, there is no need to do any special operations to use electric heaters at home. Just find an outlet and a suitable place. The electric heater should be placed where it can heat the entire space.
An electric heater is one of the important home appliances that does not require an expert to install. This issue has made it easy to use. Another advantage of electric heaters is their high thermal efficiency. In addition, it is possible to use an electric heater in the bathroom.

Another amazing advantage of an electric heater is that it is less polluting than other fuels such as oil, gas or coal.

One of the most important features of electric heaters is being portable. In other words, you can change the place of the heater. This feature is considered a very important advantage for some places because the place of the heater can be changed easily without the need for re-installation. This work is not so easily possible for non-portable heaters.

Low consumption electric heater

You’ve probably heard about the countless benefits of low-consumption electric heaters. But you may have a question about what is the criteria for choosing a low consumption electric heater. Low consumption or high consumption of electric heaters are determined based on the energy category. The energy class label on electric heaters is either A or B.

If the price of an electric heater is not important to you, it is better to choose electric heaters of energy class A and A+. The initial purchase cost may be a bit high, but due to the low energy consumption of these types of heaters, the electricity bill will be much cheaper every month.

Of course, there are other things to consider when choosing an energy-efficient electric heater. Among the most important of them, the following can be mentioned:

high security
Temperature adjustment
having a timer
Energy saving.

Considering the high cost of electricity in Iran (compared to other energy sources), choosing low-consumption electric heaters is of particular importance. It should be noted that electric fan heaters are economical in terms of energy in addition to high quality. The only disadvantage of these heaters is the high noise compared to other electric heater models.

The following are among the best low-consumption heater models:

Fan heater Pars Khazar model FH2000P
Fan heater Arete DeLonghi Italy model 808
Electric fan heater, model QH 2800
Te-1404 Techno tabletop fan heater
KH 3077 KH 3077 electric electric heater
Fan heater Pars Khazar model SH2000P
Vidas electric heater model VIR-8055
MQH 4900 megamax heater
Delonghi low consumption electric heater model HVF 3030 M
Gusonic electric heater model GEH-223.

When buying low-energy electric heaters, you should pay attention to the following:

Electric heater volume
The technology used in the manufacture of electric heaters (convective heating, radiation heating, Micathermic heating).
Heating rate of electric heater

One of the important things that comes up in relation to electric heaters is their heating speed and heat production capacity. Electric heaters are produced in different heat production capacities so that an electric heater used in a shop is completely different from an electric heater used in a production workshop in a shed.

If you intend to use an electric heater in the shop, you should choose an option that has a low heat output capacity with a high heating rate. In this way, the shop environment heats up quickly. This is the most important feature that should be considered when choosing electric heaters.

If the price of an electric heater is not important to you, there are other things that you can consider when buying. For example, some electric heaters have remote controls. In this way, temperature changes can be applied to the heater remotely. Others are equipped with air circulation and air conditioning systems, which in addition to heating the environment, also perform air conditioning.

Proper maintenance of electric heater

It is very important to maintain the electric heater during its lifetime as well as its performance. For this purpose, you should consider some points related to the proper maintenance of the electric heater. The first and perhaps the most important point is related to how to clean the heater. Under no circumstances should detergents and solvent powder be used to clean electric heaters. To clean it, just use a soft and wet cloth and tap the heater slowly.

Also, make sure the heater is completely off and unplugged when cleaning. Never attempt to troubleshoot or repair the heater yourself. If any of the following problems occur, contact its authorized service as soon as possible.

screen not working;
power cord failure;
buttons on the display screen not working;
Pointer level not working properly on the screen.