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“مشتریان گرامی: قیمت های محصولات بدون مالیات بوده است و در هنگام پرداخت 9 درصد مالیات به مبلغ فاکتور اضافه می شود”

In the old years, when there was no freezer, people put their food outside the house in winter to take advantage of the cold outside, and in summer they mostly used dry food. But today, people living in the city no longer have the worries of the past and can use a zizikh and store their food in this device so that it does not spoil. Some freezers consume a lot of electricity and some of them consume less electricity; Pay attention to this point when buying this device.

Freezer types

Refrigerators and freezers are produced in several different types according to the needs of customers. Each type of refrigerator is designed for a specific use, which we will briefly explain below:

Top freezer model

In this type of freezer, the freezer is on the top and the refrigerator is on the bottom. Usually, the size of the refrigerator is larger than the freezer part, but in some models, the refrigerator and freezer may be almost the same size. Some people, out of laziness or out of compulsion, prepare food once and then reheat and consume that food every day of the week.

If you belong to this category, the upper refrigerator is very suitable for you, because the freezer is always at hand. It is the best choice for those who use a lot of ice and frozen food, and one of its disadvantages is that it requires bending to access the lower baskets of the refrigerator.

Bottom freezer model

In this type of refrigerator-freezers, the refrigerator is in the upper part and the freezer is in the lower part. Usually, the size of the refrigerator is larger than the freezer, but in some models, the refrigerator and freezer may be almost the same size. If you usually consume fresh food and only use frozen foods on special occasions (for example, when you have guests), the bottom freezer refrigerator is very suitable for you, because you don’t have to do much with it. In this model, there is no need to bend down to access high-use food and you can place large containers on its floors. This model is suitable for those who love fresh fruits and vegetables, but find it challenging to find food in the freezer. you will face

Twin model

At first glance, twin refrigerators are very similar to side-by-side refrigerators. In fact, it can be said that the side-by-side refrigerator is a type of twin refrigerator. Twin refrigerators are not much different from side-by-side refrigerators in terms of price, but their size is larger.

Hotel model

It is recommended to buy these models only when there is not enough space to place larger models. The price of hotel models is very little different from models with two doors up and down, and their capacity is between three and seven feet. The biggest weakness of hotel refrigerators is not having a freezer compartment

Box model

One of the industrial models of freezers is the box model, which is mostly used in stores and supermarkets to store meat or ice cream.

electricity consumption

Electricity consumption in refrigerators is very important and this point is very effective in reducing your costs. Always try to get a freezer with an A+++ consumption mark, because it has the lowest amount of electricity.

Additional notes

Always try to keep your freezer about 20 cm away from the wall so that the air circulates behind this device. Never place your cooling devices next to heating devices such as gas stoves and heaters. Also, be careful that choosing an anti-mildew refrigerator will make it easier for you to maintain this device.