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Familiarity with different models of vacuum cleaners, features and tips for a better purchase
In the past, people used to clean the land using tree branches. Years later, by tying reed stalks together, they made a device called a broom and used it for cleaning. After the invention of electricity, many electrical devices were made and with the invention of the vacuum cleaner, cleaning became easier for humans. A vacuum cleaner is a device that is used today to clean and remove fluff, garbage, dust, etc.
Vacuum cleaners are available in backpack, portable and corded types, the corded type is found in most homes, and portable vacuum cleaners are often used to clean cars. Vacuum cleaners differ in suction power, size and power consumption. Stay with us to get more information about this.
Types of vacuum cleaners
In the rest of this article, we will introduce you the types of vacuum cleaners, the function of each of these vacuum cleaners is different from each other.

a bag
Industrial electric
a hotel
a bucket

There is also a vacuum cleaner, which is a powerful vacuum cleaner in large residential, office, commercial or factory buildings in a fixed location, where valves are connected to it through piping from different parts of the building. This model, called the central sweeper, is very practical and can be used by several users at the same time. Also, these devices are more durable and resistant than home models, and if it is on for a long time, there will be no problem with it, and it will not need to be repaired for years.
Use of a vacuum cleaner
The advantages of using a vacuum cleaner are collecting all kinds of pollutants. Some models of these devices have the ability to collect water, dirt and liquids spilled on surfaces. Some of these devices are equipped with a tank and store the collected dust and pollutants inside the tank, thus facilitating the discharge and transfer of pollutants. Vacuum cleaners are equipped with air filter systems and prevent dust from spreading in the environment.

Vacuum cleaners are mechanized machines and unlike traditional methods, they require less time for cleaning. Due to the powerful engines used in their structure, vacuum cleaners clean surfaces in a shorter time by quickly sucking dust particles and pollutants.
Vacuum cleaner power and suction
The suction power of a vacuum cleaner is the ability of the device to create a vacuum and enter a high-speed flow into the tank, while the suction speed is the volume of air sucked into the tank in a certain period of time, and this volume of air causes the transfer of pollutants into the tank.
The remarkable thing about vacuum cleaners is that the suction speed and suction power of the device are not directly related to each other. In other words, at the maximum suction power, the suction speed is the lowest and at the maximum suction speed, the suction power is the minimum. Therefore, finding the optimal suction power and speed for suction devices has a significant effect on the efficiency and productivity of the device.
Tips for buying a vacuum cleaner
If you intend to buy this device, you should consider the following points and try to choose the best brand. Many good brands have been operating in this market in recent years, and for example, we can mention Bosch brands, Pars Khazar Iranian brands, or other brands that are included in this category.
Be careful that the power and suction of the device should always be optimal, i.e. neither low nor high, and electricity consumption is also very important, and you should pay attention to the amount of energy consumed by the device and choose low-power devices.