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“مشتریان گرامی: قیمت های محصولات بدون مالیات بوده است و در هنگام پرداخت 9 درصد مالیات به مبلغ فاکتور اضافه می شود”

Product description

A refrigerator is a product that has been in many homes for many years and is one of the main electrical appliances in every home. There are different types of this device, ranging from the industrial type of refrigerator to the household type. Refrigerators have had a great impact on the shelf life of perishable foods and products, and therefore have found many customers in all the homes of the world since the beginning of their production. Refrigerators are often combined with normal refrigerators, but some refrigerators are separate from refrigerators and are known as twin refrigerators.

Types of refrigerators

Among the most famous types of refrigerators are single door refrigerators, twin refrigerators, side by side refrigerators, French door refrigerators and 4 door refrigerators. In this economic situation, it is better to find out the price of the refrigerator or the price of the refrigerator-freezer that you intend to buy.

Single door refrigerator or freezer

This model of refrigerator or refrigerator-freezers are the oldest models of refrigerator-freezers that were available at home since long ago. Today, this model of refrigerators is used in most offices, stores and even hotels due to its small size and lack of space.

Refrigerator freezer top freezer or bottom freezer model

In this model of refrigerators, there are two choices for consumers, each of them can choose a model based on their needs. Some people choose the lower freezer model and some choose the upper freezer model based on their interest or need.

Double fridge freezer

Twin refrigerators are also one of the models that have been in the market for a long time and have always been among the most popular models of their time, although today with the introduction of new models in the market, the acceptance of this model of refrigerators has decreased to some extent. Due to its nature, this model of refrigerator-freezers has a much higher volume than other types of refrigerator-freezers in the market and is mostly used for large families.

Side by side fridge freezer

The side-by-side refrigerator-freezer is actually an upgraded model of the twin refrigerator-freezers, which, in addition to being one piece, provides the possibility of adjusting the volume of the refrigerator and freezer for customers in a better way. Accordingly, unlike a twin refrigerator, you do not have to have the same volume of refrigerator and freezer.

French door fridge freezer

Following the innovations made in the design of refrigerators, a new and beautiful refrigerator with the name of French Door was launched in the market. In this new design, instead of being next to each other, the location of the fridge-freezer is separated up and down, and by cutting the refrigerator and freezer into one piece and increasing its width, it has provided new possibilities for consumers.

4 door refrigerators

This model of refrigerator-freezers is almost similar to French door refrigerator-freezers, with the difference that instead of drawers, the lower freezer section has two separate doors. It is no longer possible to put large and wide food items in this type of refrigerator.

Tips for buying a refrigerator
The cost of the device

Buying a refrigerator is a complicated and important investment due to its importance and longevity. When buying a refrigerator, in addition to the price and classification of the device, other factors such as electricity consumption, capacity, and the space it occupies should also be considered. In addition, the refrigerator is a device that will easily be a guest of your home or workplace for several years; So it is better to choose a refrigerator that is suitable for you, your family or your colleagues.

Capacity and dimensions

Most refrigerators, regardless of their classification and class, come with different capacities. The capacity indicates all the usable space of the refrigerator. Refrigerator manufacturing companies usually declare the total capacity of the device a little higher than the actual amount; Therefore, it is better to buy a refrigerator with a nominal capacity greater than the capacity you need.

energy consumption

Refrigerators were always among the most consumed electrical appliances and played a large role in the figures on the electricity bill; But today, thanks to advanced technologies, the electricity consumption of refrigerators is very low. Home appliance manufacturing companies also use energy consumption as one of the most important tools for marketing their refrigerators. When buying a refrigerator, it is not bad to take a look at the power consumption of the device.

Refrigerators have played an important role in people’s lives and today, with the advancement of technology, many facilities have been added to them. Try to buy a freezer that has enough volume for your items and always consider the electricity consumption of the refrigerator, so as not to incur costs.