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“مشتریان گرامی: قیمت های محصولات بدون مالیات بوده است و در هنگام پرداخت 9 درصد مالیات به مبلغ فاکتور اضافه می شود”

One of the most used household appliance products in recent decades, which has advanced technology, is the washing machine. Washing machines are made in different types, sizes and designs by different brands all over the world.
New washing machines are designed with modern methods, and this has made them optimize electricity and energy consumption. The price of laundry is another factor that will definitely affect your choice.

Factors affecting the purchase and price of laundry

To buy a washing machine, you should pay attention to some things: for example, what capacity should you choose according to the number of people in the family, or what model should you buy according to performance, or whether you have enough space to put the washing machine in the kitchen or the laundry room of the house. How much is. The energy label is another point that should be considered because it directly affects your electricity bill.

Water consumption, washing programs and weight bearing are some of the criteria that you should pay attention to when buying a washing machine, and paying attention to these things will definitely affect your choice.

Now it is better to familiarize yourself with the different types of washing machines in order to make a suitable choice:

Bucket: It has a tank whose lid is usually opened from the top
Twin: with two tanks, one for washing and the other for drinking water
Fully automatic: its door opens from the front and all washing programs are automatic.