Refrigerator freezer model BH150

Barfab BH150 refrigerator-freezer is an Iranian product that can be a good choice for the kitchen of Iranian families. In the design and construction of this product, excellent materials specific to Iran’s weather conditions have been incorporated. If you have the experience of buying this product, be sure to write us your opinion

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If you intend to buy a refrigerator at a reasonable price and made in Iran, which at the same time has the same quality as foreign models, the Barfab BH150 refrigerator is the best choice for you. With its suitable dimensions, this refrigerator easily fits in small kitchens and takes care of your home’s food for years. By choosing this product, you no longer need to pay a high price for buying foreign refrigerators.

Specifications and advantages of BH150 refrigerator freezer model

This product is from the category of normal two-part refrigerators, which is designed as two doors and meets all your needs for storing food items. The top door, which is the freezer of the product, can freeze consumers’ food very well. You can also access the refrigerator shelves by opening the lower door. The volume of 320 liters of snow-freezer and refrigerator is perfect for small families and people who have just started their life.

There are two screws inside the refrigerator to adjust the temperature so that dear customers can adjust the temperature of the refrigerator and freezer according to their needs. By purchasing this product, you no longer need to buy refrigerator and freezer separately and worry about their place; Because Barfab has designed both of them with very suitable dimensions. The weight of 57 kg of ice-cold refrigerator and freezer helps you to transport the refrigerator much more easily.

Barfab model BH150 refrigerator-freezer can perform the task of storing your food well in mild weather. Polyurethane foam is used to insulate the refrigerator to minimize wastage. Also, the gas inside the refrigerator pipes is R134a and defrosting is done completely manually. Some of the product specifications are as follows:

Product dimensions – width – mm: 650
Product dimensions – depth – mm: 635
Product dimensions – height – mm: 1500
Electric power: 120 watts
Frequency-Voltage: 50Hz-220V
Current intensity: 0.8 amps
Buying a BH150 refrigerator freezer

If you intend to buy this product, you can easily do it online through Barfab website. After purchase, our colleagues at Barfab Company will send this product to your door in the shortest possible time. By buying this product, along with using a high-quality refrigerator, you will also give a great help to the domestic industry and production of the country.


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