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“مشتریان گرامی: قیمت های محصولات بدون مالیات بوده است و در هنگام پرداخت 9 درصد مالیات به مبلغ فاکتور اضافه می شود”

Tokma grills and sandwich makers
Tokma grills and sandwich makers are a way to have happy meals at any time of the day. Tokma grill and sandwich maker devices are versatile and very powerful and have the ability to cook all kinds of food. You can make multi-layer paninis, meats, vegetables, and vegetables with great taste.

Features of Tokma grill and sandwich maker model TK-GS173:

High Quality Die Cast Aluminum Plates: Removable plates heat up quickly and are great for transferring heat to food quickly.

The durable surface of the plates: the non-stick and dishwasher-safe coating of the plates ensures a long life of the product.

Large space for grilling: You can easily remove the upper part of the grill from the side lock, and thus open it up to 180 degrees and double your cooking space.

High cooking performance: cooking is done uniformly in all parts of the grill surface.

A great panini maker: flexible top with aluminum injection handle and cool touch thermoplastic front handle will press your panini, sandwich or bread in the best way and in different thicknesses.

On-off button and indicator lights: This product can be turned on and off even when it is plugged in. When the device is ready to cook, the indicator light will turn green.

Oil drip tray: Cooking oil goes into the removable plastic part at the back of the grill.

Safety lock: For more safety, the grill can be locked during maintenance.

Base: Bakelite grill base is well adjusted and very durable.

Additional plates for 4 pieces of Belgian Waggle 7 x 4: The optional waffle maker plates are made of aluminum diecast. They are removable, dishwasher safe, and your waffles are easy to remove.

Chef upgrade for home cooking

Tokma contact grill series equipped with a 30-minute timer with a buzzer, ideal for a professional cooking experience.