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Buying the best type of gas stove – Getting to know the types of gas
In ancient times, when there was no gas, people cooked with fire and some with oil heaters. When the gas stove was invented, many people bought it because it greatly reduced the ease of cooking. There are different types of gas, some of which can be installed anywhere you want. If you don’t have access to city gas, it’s not a problem, electric gas stoves can help you. Stay with us in the rest of this article to get more information about this.

Types of gas stoves
built-in gas

Built-in ovens are installed on the part of the kitchen where gas piping is done. This type of gas stove cannot be moved, because they are installed on special tables or cabinets. Most built-in ovens are gas, but some domestic and foreign brands also produce their electric type with stylish touch screens. The number of flames of this type of gas stove is variable and can accommodate up to 6 flames. The 4 and 5 burner type of this device has the most sales among other ovens. Domestic gas stoves are more compatible with municipal gas.
Desktop gas stove
Desktop gas stoves have less efficiency and facilities than other gas stoves and are cheaper than built-in stoves and are easy to move, but they have fewer flames and built-in stoves have more features and beauty than them. Therefore, they are suitable for office places that have less cooking than other places. But for home use, it is better to use built-in gas.
Electric gas
These ovens have a stylish appearance and work with electricity, and instead of the usual knobs to adjust the temperature of the oven, they have touch and digital screens. These types of gas stoves are more safe in terms of gas leakage than other stoves and they reduce the cooking time due to their high power, but the electricity consumption increases with the use of this type of gas stoves, and in case of a power cut, their efficiency decreases. they lose
Standing gas stove
Standing gas stoves are one of the best Fardar gas stoves made in the last few years, but with the passage of time and the development and production of various types of gas stoves, these types of standing gas stoves have given their place to built-in gas stoves. This model of gas stove has an oven and is produced in four and five flame models.
Steel gas stoves are more popular than other gas stoves due to their beauty and resistance, and food spilled on their surface is easier to clean and does not stick to it. These types of ovens are divided into two categories: simple and ribbed.
Ceramic plates are much more resistant to heat and if cold water is poured on their hot plate, they do not crack and are easily cleaned. These types of ovens have many fans and are very resistant to grease, dust and wear. Some ceramic models are also combined with glass. The price of steel gas stove is higher than other models.
Glass model oven
These gases have unbreakable glass that is very resistant to high heat and at the same time they have a special beauty. The glass of these ovens should be cleaned after every cooking so that the effects of food stains and grease do not remain on them. The glasses used in these gas stoves are cleaned quickly and do not crack even when cold water is poured on them.
Tips for buying a gas stove
• Family population: When buying cooking gas, you should pay attention to the needs of the family in addition to appearance and efficiency. 5 or 6-burner stoves are suitable for large families, but a small family can get by with a 4-burner stove or a 2-burner tabletop stove.
• Thermocouple and lighter: Another important point in gas stoves is to have a thermocouple and lighter. The thermocouple is one of the safety parts that cuts off the gas as soon as it is turned off and reduces the risk of gassing to zero.
• Standardity: the most important indicator in gas stoves is the mandatory standard in them, and it is recommended to pay attention to the reputation of the commercial brand and the after-sales service of the gas stove in addition to paying attention to the standard mark.
• Options: Keep in mind, when you buy cooking gas, your oven has the options you want. Various options can be having an oven, unbreakable oven glass, strong body and number of gas flames.