Barfab’s annual Event With Representatives of Southern Iraq

On the last day of August, Barfab held a dinner to meet with representatives of southern Iraq at the sumptuous 5-star Rotana Hotel in Baghdad.

Mr. Zaid Munir was attended by about 150 business partners and sales representatives of Barfab in the southern region of Iraq for 4 hours.

The main goals of this event were as follows:

– Re-meeting with officials and representative of Thager Al Rafedain Group in Iraq
– Schedule a yearly meeting with business partners and resellers who have been with Barfab for more than 15 years.
– Speak directly to the delegates, listening to each other’s words, needs, and opinions.
– Presenting the Barfab plans for the next two Seasons and explaining Barfab strategies for the next two years and outlining the prospects for Barfab brand activities.
– Introducing new areas of cooperation and products that will be marketed in the future from Barfab such as vacuum cleaners and …

The Barfab in this province consisted of Mr. Jalilpour, a member of the Barfab Board of directors, and Marketing and Sales Manager and Team.


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