Tea maker with Tokma Royal Series glass teapot, model TK-TM3310


The TKMA TM1010 Royal Series Tea Maker is an efficient and well-made product. This tea maker has a heating power of 2400 watts with a heating capacity of 150 watts. 1.8 liter kettle with plastic handle and 1 liter glass teapot. It also has a 360-degree rotating wireless base, stainless steel concealed insulation and a dehydration prevention system.

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Heating power 2400 watts, heat storage capability 150 watts

Can be used as a tea maker as well as water heater

Kettle with safety lock

1.8 liter kettle with plastic handle

1 liter glass teapot

Dual immune system against overheating

Stainless steel concealed insulation

Base with the ability to rotate 360 degrees

The immune system prevents the tea maker from turning on without water

Voltage 240V- 220

5/5 (1 Review)

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Glass, Steel


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