17TH Home Appliances Exhibition in Yazd

Yazd is a city with a total population of one million people and a history of over 2000 years.

The city of sweets and cashmere, the city of the bicycle, the city of wind catcher and the original architecture of Iran, the city of adobes and gardens, the city of mosques and tranquility, the city of Zoroastrian, and one of the medical centers of Iran, which for 24 consecutive years passed for the first rank of acceptance at the national university entrance exam.

The beauty and culture of Yazd is the product of Yazd, which is enjoyed not only by Iranians but by the world, thousands of tourists from different countries of the world visit Yazd, this brand and product of Iran, every year.

The Barfab brand has been proudly in Yazd province for over 20 years, alongside Yazdi’s compatriots, a beautiful city that was proudly registered internationally in with the UNESCO World Records last year.

Tens of thousands of Brafab brand’s products have also been a member of the Yazdi families during these years, which makes us delighted and proud.

In February 2019, Barfab attend the 17th Yazd Home Appliances Exhibition and hosted the precious people of Yazd province.

Head of the Marketing Department, Mr. Asghari, along with Yazd Sales Expert, Mr. Pourkiani, hosted the dear visitors in the Barfab booth.

The exhibition of home appliances in Yazd province had a space of 3,000 square meters with 40 booths where domestic accredited companies displayed their latest products in it.

The exhibition, which lasted for 6 days and was open from 15 to 21, was wildly welcomed by the people of Yazd and hosted a daily population of 1,000 visitors.

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